A Safe Haven

You sit.

Once your brain stops buzzing, you look around. It's a nice room. It smells overwhemlingly like cheap scented candles, but you somehow don't mind. It has the same harsh floors as seemingly everything in this goddamn place, but it's covered in elegant rugs. The walls seem to be the same pale, generic shade as any other, but they're hidden behind long curtains. The more you look, the weirder the place is. Underneath all the decorations, it's the same room as the one you woke up in, but absolutely covered in expensive-looking nonsense. You are lying on a weird, asymmetrical couch, with a short table covered in cloth in front of you. There's a wineglass full of water and a china plate covered in some sort of fish on said table.

You finally get a look at the guy with that high-pitched voice. Their face is a bit like a mosquito's, though simplified, and they have a long, hairy body with four legs. Despite their non-traditional face, you can tell they're looking at you expectantly. You grab one of the fish and nibble on it, as elegantly as you can. Which is to say, not very elegantly. It's pretty good. You have another. Your host seems happy.

You look around a bit more. There's a bed, though not like the bed you woke up in, a few boxy machines on a counter, and more tables, this time with lit candles on them. You are slightly worried about how close they are to the decorative curtains.

What to do now?

Ask about where you are

Ask about your host

Ask about the door