A Safe Haven

"Ah, you're of course in... well, this place!"

You already figured you are located where you are located.

"Okay, okay, I know that's not the most helpful, but that's what I know! You just woke up here with no memories, right?"

You nod. They seem to be a bit uncomfortable with this subject.

"Well, the other resident and I woke up the same way. In a plain room, with no memories or instructions. There's plenty of food and water for us to last pretty much forever, as well as plenty of random stuff to decorate and play with, but we haven't found any clues as to where we are or why we're here. We're simply here, and now, you are too. I can show where things are and what we've found, but that's it. There's lots of hallways and stuff, and a little further out you can find all sorts of storage rooms and weird places. In this area, most doors are locked, however. There's my room, his room, the apartment, and your room, now."

Do you want to ask more questions, or leave?

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