A Bathroom with the Lights Off

You run out of the room and into the other hall, until you come to the bathroom. You duck inside and shut the door, twisting one of those lock things you saw earlier to keep them out. It seems they saw you run in, since within seconds they are outside the door, yelling once more. But not in anger.

"Shit, are you okay?" Shouts out Cula, and you shrink down. You know they're just concerned, but it's still too loud. Don says something to them and there's a bit of shuffling. You slowly untense. Eventually, Don starts to speak.

"Look, we're real sorry about that. I know you might want to stay in there, and that's okay, but I just wanted you to know we're sorry. We didn't know your situation, and didn't think about how you might react. I won't make you come out, but I'll be in the kitchen if you feel better, okay?"

You don't respond, but Don seems okay with that. He shuffles off, with Cula padding away a few seconds after.

For a while, you just sit. No one comes by. If you press your ear to the door you can hear hushed conversation, but it doesn't seem to be an argument. You sit. Your heart isn't pounding in your ears anymore. You lean back against the wall. Ah. That was unpleasant.

Wait a little longer.