A Bathroom with the Lights Off

After some waiting, you feel better. Mostly. Good enough to see Don and Cula again. You stand up, and slowly, gently, open the door.

The hallway is silent, except for quiet conversation and shuffling in the kitchen. You walk over. You see that on the counter is the cake, now covered in sweet-smelling frosting. Don walks over, with a smile that's only slightly forced.

"You feelin' better?" You nod. "Good, good. You can have some cake, if you want it." You nod, and he smiles in relief. "Ah, that's good. Here, have a couple slices." He cuts the remaining cake, and hands you a plate with the delicous-smelling treat. You turn towards the table, where Cula is sitting, perched up on a seat. They shift around a bit, nervously sipping some sweet liquid from a can on the table. It seems they want to say something, but they don't. For a few minutes, it's just the three of you sitting and eating.

"So, about earlier. I'd just like to say that I'm sorry. I was just doing what I usually did, and I never thought to see how you were doing, and I went to far with my teasing. I hope you're okay."

Are you okay? You don't know. You definitely feel less awful, though that's saying much. But it'll get better. You know it will. Both Cula and Don smile, and this time it's genuine.