The Right Path

You go right. This seems like the right path. There aren't any physical doors in this hallway, just open doorways. You decide to take a quick look at some of the rooms.

The first room you pass doesn't make much sense. There's a couch, you know that, and a table, you definitely know that, but everything else is new. There are machines with screens and some of them are on tables and some of them are on benches and there's one big on balanced on top of a short bookshelf full of other machines, and you just don't get it. You quickly move on. Across the hall is another room, this one with one big table, surrounded by chairs. They seem to be nicer than the other chairs, but they don't have cushions beyond a sad, flat thing at the bottom. There are some benches and bookshelves lining the wall. It's nicer, but you still don't want to go in.

Finally, you get to the end. There's another table, and more chairs, but they're smaller. There are counters lining the wall, and boxy white machines all over. Something tasty-smelling is sitting on the counter, and plants of all shapes and sizes are growing from the various planters set up along the screens built to look like windows. There is also a person sitting on one of the chairs. He has pebbly skin, dull claws, and a wide tail. He looks up at you.

"Huh? What're you doing here? You aren't spose'ta be up."

You wonder if being up is a bad thing.

"No, no, just suprised. Anyway, what's up?"

Ask about apartment

Ask about person

Ask where you are

Run back to the left path