A Safe Haven

You decide to ask the long fellow about who they are.

"Oh, who am I? My name is Cula. I don't have any memories of life before waking up here, but I do know how to read, and one of the labels I saw attached to my stuff was something like Culex. I modified it, because the word wasn't much of a name. The other guy did the same thing, once he figured out how letters work. It's Don, short for Sphenodon, I think. It's some sort of lizard-like thing. He's a goofy-looking fellow."

You think you've seen letters at some point. They're the symbols on the doors, right?

"Yes, those were letters and numbers. Don't worry if you can't read it right now, you'll learn eventually. I'll help you! It's wonderful to teach people things, you know? It improves everyone's knowledge, and it's nice to hang out with a friend."

You don't know, but you nod anyway. Cule seems a lot happier, and you can tell they're smiling, even with their pointy face.

"Anyway, my name's Cula, I have been here for about 7 months, I like interior decorating, poetry, and music. This is where I'd ask for your interests, but I think you'd like a bit more time to get your feet on the ground, correct? There's plenty of time to find yourself down here."

"So, any other questions?"

Ask about where you are

Ask about the door