A Dark Room

The room remains dark, but you can still make out your surroundings.

Right next to you is the basin you woke up in. It's made of smooth material, and filled with slime that smells a bit like soap. Some of the goo is dripping on the floor, but it doesn't bother you. What does bother you is the cooling slime on your skin. It was warm in the basin, but the air is cold. You kind of want to get back in, but you're not tired anymore.

There are various tables lining the room's four walls. They are covered in things you do not understand. Not like you can see them very well, either. They are unfamiliar, and have a harsh, chemical smell. Some things are small enough to pick up, and some tower far above you, touching the ceiling. It's a bit scary, seeing something that tall.

The ceiling made up of tiles that are vaguely familiar to you, but you don't know their name. You don't particularly care about ceilings, and even then, how would you remember the name of this specific, office-like celing when there are so many things you don't remember? You stop staring at the ceiling and move on.

The floor of the room is similar. All generic, off-white tiles. You don't particularly like this room. There's a strong chemical cleaner smell which you do not like. Your basin is nice, but that's about it. Maybe you should move on.