A Bright Hallway

It takes you a minute to get outside. The door doesn't open when you turn the knob, but when you turn the little twisty-thing first something slides into place, and you can leave.

Okay, maybe it might've been a good idea to stay in that room a bit longer. The light outside the door is blinding, and you flinch a bit.

Eventually you adjust to the light. You stand in a hallway, lined with doors identical to the one leading to your room. There's nothing on the floor, and nothing on the walls aside from some abstract artwork made of twisting lines and shapes. You decide you don't like that style of art. The hallways have a faint smell of dirt and chemicals, but you have to really concentrate to sense it. Each door has a symbol on it, and you carefully memorize the one in front of your room before moving on.

The hallway is long and makes a few turns, but it isn't too hard to naviagate. All of the doors are locked, or at least all the ones you tried. It's just so bland. Your eyes still sting a little bit, so you don't spend too long wandering. Eventually, you come to a door that is different than the others. Made of a different material. The name escapes you, but there's something about it that makes you feel strange. You want to go in, but the thought turns your stomach.