A Well-Lit Kitchen

"Me? My name's Don. Short for Sphenodon. It was given to me, though not directly, and I go by Don because no one can spell Sphenodon. Cula likes to say they're the best at reading and writing, like they're a prodigy, but I know it was a nightmare for them to learn. They just woke up first and can hide that fact. So I keep it short. I woke up here, without instructions or anything, just like Cula, and persumably you."

You ask for a bit more information.

"Okay, okay. I like baking, music, and games. I like to hang out in the living room while I'm waiting for stuff to finish, since it's kinda boring here. There's a lot of stuff to do in there, so over time I learned how to play 'em, and they're real fun. It's mostly the digital stuff though, since Cula never plays fair with the board games. Maybe I can teach you some? We've got plenty of time."

You'd like that. He grins, showing rounded teeth. "Do you have any other questions?"

Ask about apartment

Ask where you are

Move to the cake