A Well-lit Kitchen

"Ah, so you're wondering what this place is. It's the kitchen, a place for cooking foods and stuff. We're in the boss's apartment, but don't ask who the boss is, cause I don't know. I don't live here, I've got my own room for that, but there's no oven there so I have to come here to do my baking. That's where you cook certain foods in an oven"-he points to a boxy machine-"to make them taste better. Now, Cula thinks it's disrespectful to go into the home of some guy we've never met to make sweets, but I tell them it's far worse to steal blood from some guy you know damn well doesn't like getting blood stolen."

You express general confusion.

"Oh, Cula's a pain, but they don't do much. They love stealing blood from me, but most of their diet comes from the stuff in the freezer. Nectar, soda, blood bags, that sort of thing. I'll show you that room sometimes, get you some fish or something. You'll learn more eventually, but you don't have to worry about much here. As long as you put things back where they belong, you'll be fine."

The guy seems nice, but that did little to clear up your confusion.

"Have any other questions?"

Ask about person

Ask where you are

Investigate cake