Day 2

Breakfast was similar to last time, the same assortment of various foods. Almost too many options. Today, I kept it simple, and managed to finish everything! It's nice not having to throw stuff out. I had a bagel, some bacon, and some fruit. The fruit was the same as yesterday, just with no grapes, but the bacon was bad. Dry, chewy, not as tasty. It was very disappointing. The bagel was also chewier than I'd like, and it took me a while to work my way through it. I also grabbed some cereal, but that was mainly because I needed a water cup for my painting, and the disposable plastic bowl it comes in is very useful.

For lunch, we had curry, as well as some naan. They weren't high-quality, but it was still a pretty tasty meal, definitely in the better half of meals so far. The curry was a type called chicken vindaloo, and I also chose to get some lentils as a side. Overall, it was good. Simple, nice, tasty. The cookie was good, as always.

For dinner, it was tacos. We chose our shells, protein, and toppings. I kept it simple, just meat, cheese, lettuce and sauce. I've never been a fan of the other common taco toppings. I also managed to finish most of it, which was nice. It feels like I'm better able to get the right amount of food for me, rather than just taking what I'm given and only eating two thirds. Overall, it was was a nice day.

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