A Dark Room

"Back to your room? I understand. You must be tired after all that. I recall when I was waking up being awfully sleepy for a few days, not that that slowed me down! What was your room like?"

You try to express what your room was like. It's difficult, but Cula seems to get it.

"Ah, I know where that is. Or should be. Follow me!"

They move really fast. Not too fast to keep up with, but they have long legs and a lot of agility. Your legs are stumpy and unusued, so you stumble a bit. Cula dashes from door to door, quickly jiggling the handles until they come to one that opens, and they leap in, with you stumbling after.

It's your room. Finally, finally. You still don't understand what half the things here are but you're back, and you quickly crawl onto your tub and immerse yourself in the warm slime. It's so nice to get to fully rest.

Cula smiles. "I'll come visit in the morning. You get some rest, it looks like you need it." And then they're gone, closing the door behind them. You are left in a quiet, dark room. You start to fall asleep. Tomorrow. Tomorrow you'll go out and find out more. Today is over.