A Cozy Apartment

"Ah, of course! The apartment's sort of a hub for this area, and you'll definitely want to see it. Follow me!"

Cula is fast. They move across the hallways in leaps and bounds, while you waddle behind. Within a minute you're at the door, and a moment later Cula pushes in.

The room's normal. The floor's covered in soft carpet and the walls are a nice shade of purple, but as far as contents, it's actually comfortable. There are soft chairs and big sofas and tables covered in books, and an electronic fireplace at the far wall. It's shockingly comfortable. Cula immeditately jumps onto one of the sofas and perchs on the backrest. There are two hallways, one to the right, one to the left.

Which way to go first...

Left Hallway

Right Hallway