A Nice Apartment

You spend a little bit longer there, eating and talking. You learn a bit more about Cula, and their passion for scented candles. You learn about Don's interest in fancy pigeons, not that there are any pigeons around here. You feel good, but as the lights from the digital windows dims, you start feeling tired. Really tired. When Cula leaves to go to their room, you stand up as well, and almost fall right onto your face. Yeah, time to go back.

Don seem to pretty sleepy too, but he stands up, stretching.

"You wanna go get some rest, right? Lemme walk you out there. I want to get a feel for where your room is, add it to my mental map."

That sounds nice. He leads you out of the apartment, and through the halls. There must be some sort of dimming process, since the lights seem much less bright now. As he walks, he jiggles the handles of the doors, until one swings open. You look it, and it's your room. You barely even look around this time, and just run straight towards your tub. As you fall asleep, you catch a glimpse of Don, shutting the door and casting the room into darkness.