A State of Fear

You run.

You know deep down this is a terrible idea, that you can't remember how to get back to your room, that you shouldn't run, but you need to get out of there. You run far faster than your stumpy legs should reasonbly go and you charge through the half-open door leading into the halls. Your eyes sting but you don't care. You quickly race down the halls, jiggling every handle you can until one opens and you fall into your room. You slam the door shut and turn the little twisty-thing so no one can get in. It was a good idea, because seconds later someone rushes by, frantically jiggling the knobs just like you were doign only seconds earlier. As they move, they keep yelling, but not like before.

"Hello! Please come out! We're sorry we scared you, we weren't thinking! Please?" Cula shouts as they move. You don't answer. Eventually, you can't hear them anymore, and you climb into your basin. You're still shaking slightly.