A Well-lit Kitchen

You decide you're done with questions and move on to look at the cake. It's not very big, but it was intented for one person. You wonder what it tastes like. You reach out, and Don gently grabs your hand and moves it away from the cake. You consider trying again, but you're interrupted by the sound of a door slamming and pawsteps. They quickly grow louder until something leaps onto your back and you topple to the floor.

"Oh, Don, how could you! A new neighbor and you didn't tell me! And you're already giving them cake! You never give me cake!"

"Cula, you've said yourself you hate anything that isn't liquid, how am I supposed to know you want cake! And I only met this fellow 5 minutes ago! And the cake isn't even cooled yet! What do you want from me!" It's loud. Really loud.

As Don and Cula began yelling at each other, you stumble out from underneath them. Cula has a serpentine body, with thick hairs along the back and four limbs ending in paw-like digits, and despite having a needle instead of a mouth, they continue to yell, until Don notices you. You try to stand up, but your legs are shaking too much, and you fall back down.

"Dangit Cula, you've hurt the new guy! C'mon, up you go." He lifts you onto your feet and turns back to Cula. "Just look at what you did! You never think! You just do stuff!" Cula shouts out a reply and the two of them just start yelling and yelling and Don is waving his hands around while Cula jabs him with their needle-beak, and you run. You can't take it, you've gotta get out of there.

Where to go, where to go!?

The bathroom

Anywhere. Just get away from this.